2018 Goals

​1. Complete all unit by unit inspections with inspection manager by 3/31/18
2. Set up quarterly training classes with Joe S. and Joe V. on laundry equipment repairs first training on 3/14/18
3. Continue to expand my knowledge of Entrata and help Gidget on special projects as needed
4. Get my renewals up to market rent
5. Continue to increase all renewals to market rent and collapse my loss to lease to under 2% by the end of the year
6. Collapse loss to lease to 2% at end of the year
7. Maintain occupancy at 98.5% 
8. Maintain office and maintenance duties on a timely manner to be able to assist at other properties with maintenance or office duties
9. Attend classes with the CAA 

10. To work with Gidget on Entrata to have all trigger responses completed by 5/31/18


Jose Ramirez

Business Team Leader 

4 years with UDGI 



2016 Maintenance of the Year


Fun Fact

I still play semi-pro Football